[Developers] New Apatar v1.6.8 Build

Alex Khizhnyak alexey.kh at apatar.com
Fri Jan 16 08:50:46 PST 2009

Dear Apatar Developers,


The Apatar Team is pleased to inform you that Apatar Open Source Data
Integration 1.6.8 has been released. Some new features were added and
another bug was fixed. You may find a brief summary below.


New features


a)      The Generate UUID has been added to allow creating Universally
Unique Identifiers (UUID). With this function, Apatar users can label their
records with unique identifiers and be sure that these IDs never be
unintentionally used by anyone else. Information labeled with UUIDs can
later be combined/migrated into a target system free of any name conflicts.
A user's guide with screenshots is available at




b)      The RegExp function was enhanced to return an empty string if the
value entered does not match the specified regular expression. This feature
can be useful, for example, whenever you need to separate the value from one
field in your source into two different ones in your target. That is, so as
to avoid having the same value in both fields (one of which is likely to be
incorrect) in your result. To enable this feature, Apatar users can tick the
corresponding checkbox in the function's configuration window. For more:




Bug fixed


The icons for the Date, Time, and Timestamp functions in operation
configuration window are now displayed correctly




Download links






(Linux or MacOS)


All release notes and bug fixes


Previous Apatar release notes can be found at



If you find a bug, please submit it to



Do you have questions or comments concerning this mailing list? I would
appreciate your feedback. Thank you!



Best regards,

Alex Khizhnyak | Chief Evangelist | Apatar, Inc.

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Blog on Data Integration and Open <http://www.apatar.com/blogs/alex/>


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