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  Replace With Function
Added by Alex Khizhnyak, last edited by Alex Khizhnyak on May 21, 2008

This guide will help you learn how to replace multiple field values with new ones.


To start replacing fields,

  1. Configure data sources and provide the mapping

  2. Open the Transform node
  3. Switch to the Functions tab
  4. Click on the String section to find the Replace If icon
  5. Drag-and-drop it to the Transformation's work panel

  6. Switch back to the Inputs tab and map the source and output fields according to the picture below

  7. Double-click the Replace If node to configure the function

    • - Click this button to add a new replace condition.
    • - This button deletes a condition/conditions selected.
    • Input Value is an entire field value that should be replaced
    • Replace With is a value that Input Value should be replaced with

  8. Press Ok
  9. Close the Transformation window

Now you can preview the results or continue data integration.

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